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PART III (1887-1898)

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SEEN cnet es SIN es

Letterbook, LB-029

This letterbook covers the period April-May 1889. There is also one letter from June 1888. Most of the correspondence is by Edison and Alfred O. Tate. Many of the letters pertain to the manufacture and marketing of the phonograph and talking doll, Edison’s relations with the Edison Phonograph Toy Manufacturing Co., and his suit against Ezra T. Gilliland and John Tomlinson. Other correspondence relates to mining and ore milling, the phonoplex system, and the Edison exhibit at the Paris Exposition. There are also letters concerning the purchase of equipment and supplies for the West Orange laboratory and the exchange of financial notes between Edison and his various companies. The spine is labeled "From April 8, 1889 to May 21, 1889 No II" and "LETTER BOOK H April 8 to May 21, 89." The book contains 499 numbered pages and an index. Pages 491-498 have been torn out of the book. Approximately 40 percent of the book has been filmed.

a ae a Ta ay bye. : C ar Z <<) mm Garey 4 Came er ee “Ge . | | oF Ct CO Bow” Rieieees OOK

Ck rele f Cele Meanerbker Aveely ee ed Os)

ry fe og Liz = 6 ete Ree L rd - fa 7 cae et a as agit Corriprauy bn a Che ~ COA Fare v4 Ye a A AC. aaa va GC prc Sorerrvdeee rh fly (ea? SHA aries /) | Lb As vd ok vA lod ok €€ét a ot Coy sll ces TT a - Des x isn. toe ye ee ae, h As at Opt ALL, | piforend Crss Co RKO Cos ees ss LL SE pelo |

ele oe og?


7th, you must

nave mia Soy : ae wy y atpoosing tht

Lo exper tec ho docs s Sign Yves

loam fully emerged, have

» B Beparats

information 3


Morganton, Me Ge

Lohave yew Lether oF: ard instante T oan: only:

a mithers ach ae fon have heen unvent igating


Il have no nse now for chrome

the pradiste

do not wirh

to continue the investigation

not prepared at present to toke up the othor euvjects:

s. that- I desire +o ‘contimie

ah rough vowels Mes

mut wher. a tire ‘gome


I will bo very “glaa to’ svat my sol £ of

work of this oheracter,

your sere i453 Bo

Yours very truly,

; | April 8, 1880.

Col. Geor se Fh. Gourand, Hittle Menlo, Upper Uorwood,

Surrey, Fneland.

Dear Sirse- I peg to confirm the following eablegram sent you

to-day: ~ .

“Phonographs oan be exhibited to full advantage

. .in apace allotted for all my invertionas Rar

tubes axeitae: ald outside noises Re fuse abso~

lutely to pormit aharging ontranee fees or the .

introduotdon of any sido show or Barnum methods

at Paris. #2 a4 40 ne*

Yours tmly,

April 8, 1889.

Samuel Insukl, Pane, 19 Dey Shree at,

New Yoru ot for.

Dear Sirs -

Loney to sabnowledse veaedipt of your Letter of 6th instant, enclosing cheak of Mr. J. We. Ghapman for 44,915.00, anf

your o@n aneck for 39,406.54, for which please aacept thanks.

Yours very al

Private Secretary.

April 9, 1889,

“its dohn 3. Powell, 620 North 8th Streat,

Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear’ Sirte: Mra Biv Ve hag reaedved yee letter of Sth instant and

onthe sur tole aay dee Vo sh he wanhes Live to try one of your

wofiva sotortee Lei? oe: forward it to the ators addres3.

Yours very trul . cy

Prigate Secretury.

cer, 4

Avril 9, 1889.

Mr, Proce G, Smith, $2 North Ingalls Street,

Ann Arvor, Miche

Near Sirt-

My, Edison nas received your lotter of $d instant,

anc seva thet if Tellurium could ue obtained cheaply, he could

‘uso it in large quantities. Mb has wrked it to a very aonside~

extmt, andi pronounces it to tea marvelous eubstancse

Yours very truly,

Private Rooretarye

pw 4

Fortes re ce earn MRE pe ee RE Vm eR Ten BE ORIYA : : ? alas :


Arrdl 9, tase,

Nye Jeron A. OlLaney, 500 Thivd Avenue,

Narvoit, Miohe

DoaPY Sirse : Mr, Batson hits heen so may that not, ynitiy to-day have I been AbLo to hand him your yeaent gortespondencs He was very rman arpridni at the statements mace in yoru Lotter of 20th ultino, and it in needless to aay that he wah nnanee of owing you any moneys Tha Ten Dollars, with admpound intorest ta

date, amunts to $37.85, and 1 enelose herewith Mr. Fdison's chrck

46 aover yvamee

Yours vory truly,

Private Socrothty.

Anarley Rtehalor, Bsq.,

Rad son Phonograph Vorka,

Dear Sirs-

lo spoke to you on agturday about a system of sprink~

iors tor ths laboratory. Ye had a fire in the Yalvanoretor Roar

seaterday, which is the third that has ocurred wthin tho last Tiwe dave,

each one of whith aun disunverad and mppreased by purt


‘Yours vary truly,

Private Secratar y. « 4 2

Mr. a Frank, - " $0 South Fifth Aveme,

Now York ity.


Dear Sirt- ;

With referenae to the two cabineta which yon made for un “one of cherry and one of mahogany with glaas topa, tha top : board Of each of these has atacked from one end to the ather, ba CUBE of sour hav ing urgent grotn wood instead of reasoned wood in the ir anntiabian: ‘Shall we retin these for yau to fix them wp, or shal] wo do the wark.ourgelves, charging you for’ same?

. ~

Kindly let us hear from ym at once in regard to this matter.

Yours very truly, i ataaiate. i . i, Pe ie Fees ne es Cats iad


Mary Hapes Dodge, Faitor,’

"St. Mae holas,"

. Naw York City,

Deer Madam, -

+r, Rdison has received your -letter Of 29th Witting,

asking him ta eentritite to ’St. Nicholas", an artigle on the toy °

phonograyh, and cesires ma to trenk you for BAPE _

‘Hire Rdison vegrets very pvuh that it is inpracticayle for then

to aomply with your request and is sorry that he Carmot aed hinge

self of the oyrortimnity this offered to axplain the haw PLonograph

. 4 ° to the readers of your maazina, ita experimantina, newever, denand

#0 mich of his personel attention, he never has any time at his

disposal which ke could devote to literary WOT»

Agnin tmnking you for you letter

i mm, yours yery truly,


ied "

Private Becratary,

wi A ated

April 10, Lesa,

My, No He Doda,

Rloomfiea. a, He Jo

Dear Sirte-

L have diaposed of the lease of my factory at "loom

field, and the dearer of thin note will take charge of same

Yours truly,

: na viel - 7 a arg “vi a we ye # a « xy A rae aay caer aes woOP es “s ae ? } id


ef fer fre .



“A sf t- JS | ri é fi Lx hy Aran. Adult Ly L a

SZ ve ther ohn @ebheouce ven y~ Ho. MWete.

OR (oA & LE CM BW, et of ¢_, Cian Hater nwt £40,000 th Hero

chan AAR TM, OOF the freed ee Af. the “nt S7 oe fhod yy A tlre ar ere wae eee ae Cate fe. Be F thu. ea ea TOT bs 0 ae oe a ae fer ay sR Aad HA Veh 6 pee ORG Spee eer, A. bt). Lo e2 & Be OG AE MAIC AN fb ee tia Baccus ag awl kup. frome pe-rths Ctx .. AL. Phtarreenels ef te ire cat hk unr lee - Krve

Ga. --Ceeu- fee a 4 - Piaf fear Oe By Arte ae % a Fiiicw bea bh be Gee Oe ta Ketp- Ve aut” a. MO An acpnneetra ANnhwity MA Sd etek: Arrarcint~» Fhe baa a pags AAA BBO AAR

April Li, 1889,

Mor, Kis avenger, Dive O'p'r., Pha wy Railroan,

W411 tumsport, Pa.

Dew Sirte

A fev duya since we mailed you a panphlet, Aerneriptivge of the ¥disn Pnhonop tex System of telegraphy, the firgt sentence of whieh, wider *Lergth and Arrangement of Dirgnits” reais as follows{«~

"Thin aystem of telagraphy can ‘he operated upon cirgnits not exceeding 100 niles or 4hererbanta.” .

The above appliag nora part Lavlar Ly to Looul wires, and not to Shrough wires w tth ont few of tags, We have sigeeseMily worked a elrauit between Pitt giyar 21: tnd Altoona Lor more timn A yeur, and one hetwem Philadelphia’ and Navrisireh tor aba gix or seven months. “Ye alao have a eironuit that is wrking ninoly

an the National Tranwit Go. Lina fron Tdma, Ohio, to O41 Gity, Pas,

a distansa of 400 miles, This fattar nirattit is wark ad On on aopper

Veswue sidbaswidannad


Mre Ke

If ym contormlate using whe Phanop lex System, wa shall yw : ;

pleused te tarhiah you with an estimete of the qost af aydprens |

if you will kindly send us a diagram.

Mr. Faison has a amtract with the Pennsylvania Ratl Road

Conpany which given tha Latter the right to nage tha Phanopley.

Syston on any of their liner.



Yours vary VG, tbh f

April 11, 1889.


howis Glags, Neqe, don'le Manayen,

Paci tig Phonoeraph Joqpeany,

“28 Pine Ste, San Praneiaao, Jal.

Dear Sirie Md you reqgeive my latter of Fayary 2lst, amlosing

eopy of pn soreunication from Col, Gonrvaud, in whieh he indleated his willinmeas to rnkoe an arrangomont with Mr. Sabin for the Sandwich Lalands? I huve reaaived your letter of 2a inetant, in whicin-you state that Fol, Goursud has not sormunicatad with you, and Tam triting him to-day ttpon the onsjeas, TT do not think you ned have my fedr of Losing thr Sundvseh Islundne I camot sposk intelligently reearddin:s Oontral “Aner be, os Tam not fomtliar with Col, Gorurand's operations. To do. nat holfieve, however, that ha has a4 snosad ‘of thir territory, for the reason that has, wy yot,: cone no ronal wininess, having devornd all his time to Leeturns and the goreruL introduction of thd Phonograph to tie reoplos of Eng

“Qand and Pranea, LE will br very'gind to ssatet you ay far ast

poentnly oun, and L wiliave that ater Col. gourand recoivan my

dormrtantian of tnedwy, WA witd give the

Ait % AX, &

The Fdlson Maaine “orka,

10 Nay Mt., Haw York.

Dear Siynt- . L beg to confirm the following message whieh we |

agkod you sy telephonn to-day to tranamit to Mr, Kreneis.-

"Neer maghine givaa fourteen four-tenths ' Warts par.pound. It ia goed for twenty-

two, Nd iaa ne®

Youra woily, |

April Li, 188s


5, % Raton, Puqe,

120 Brootway, New York Gity.

‘Dear Sirs-

ne herewith (2) letter from Sarmed Ensulk, ecm

20th, LASA:

I anolo dreased to mysols, under date Maren (2) agreement anaee LRBO, betwam JInatars 8. Fnts und Tnorias A. Rataor,

dave Lsth March, to Thomas A. Fatison, ant of,

(3) two nosignnants of Iustuzr Be FRnhz panpeet ively; 3a duy of Tananrys 1889, nid Lith any of Feyruary, 1889, Nre Inml asks to have oartain qorroot Long mule ain the ° agreement ot Marah bith, onal L pave considered 1% adyisanle to seat

al jast them, and returt:

ga that he car

ali the papers toy, so that you an

thom to me, after whieh I ith advisa Hr, Inswld,

to Nr. Fntz's oopy of the contract -

mace the nocascary ndditians

Apa) Lh, Lees

Te % Cornery, Page,

Righrornd Hill, ae Te

Danr Sirt-

Replying ta ver lester of Loh inatant, Br. Mddion will oy vory glad to geet yoursoh¢e and your Tvtends at the Lahorsa- tery any day you fox mo sonvenion® %£0 sarnt ava, Kindly do not, fall to udvice us in advange, so that i cen arPanise DM hava the

‘phonograph on exhtoition in the leature Soar

Youre very traly,

woe x

Soke fear go FR. Gorraid,

Lisevle Merlo, “Upper Maroc,

Surrey, Snghard.

Nour Sirt-

Lowag te aut) your ateention to vour Letter to rit undas date Beh Pavruary, du whieh you indleate your willingnogs ta necotiate sith Mr. John 7 Sayin for the asain of the phonograph

in the Suataiah Tglanda. Mr, Sarin, os I kav alroady informed

you, fe ve Prectddsnt of tha Paetfte Pronogranh Company, a& ram of

innatg ne an oxealient man of bisinésa. Lh vetthd We di frioult,

: 4 iz not ot: aenireS for you. ta find a setter conneation Yor operas ing

dn thee uae nway abpndlay Ll om toeday in rewtpt of ao lettor fron

Mr, Subin, or rathor from firm Wane cinte, ir, Towds Glass. The

datter in the ‘eneral Mango of cho Pagifie Phonograph Go, , und

Mre Sauin’s protharein-Live He states in hie Letter that a some

miViteatinn agdragnad ba yaw asang Fomotusey aay wad applying fr

ahy Ron aed ity Hye ate pnd dong rad elle ty fh - up Manger ate

cab Hive defen sere Gam basy with the geaermad Stade vbtis of the

Bono raph ban) Tacha ne and st hast forty SOUP LT A hy unt shat thotr

sersanpent Son waka without Geass ankwe atcention rar yan had

an oopportuiity of &actag tis ruttor pe

Your's very tr vhs

. Prgente Saenatary.

BA we. gt Ge-qotns, a me forale tho ln a€ pe aekee. See nop ee Opa. fed tatats of the Fag Anan OF £& eF Pay Ga ew fe As. JM rae ee ag

ane | sa | ME te, a ada dbl, tid : é


Res “f » Hon


Apval ty,

Mowers, Porpily, Oleaint & Pish, 47 Mor ganery Oyvege, Jarsny O05.

mn 4,

Der Sirat- Tan very mich obliped ror yar Latter af ap, tristornt, in peg to tucition of tt Fed one Phonoerark a.

Wiuh wefaranya ¢n and af gertaln prarerty a looeeyata, mndeh weed went, edt sy Me, Ton O. Tomit noon, st Shy purteg es oot havens the titia svarsret, b we SO gay that tila rroperty oekorga ‘to up, and for several montia pet Ebay tao tryin to ind ok reer Nre oh aon wih oe dtd vith wy eamin, Ue 346 wider she layrrsgion Ghat taney were rom: ain papeta tat woa never gabe ty. - Aoante thon, and dt save Shee my Tae be abe Loam yey riteh plead tm tint thar fipatli, oe ei van soald be Sond anough to aannirme the geearyh Whe ae yor Have ahrgady fre ®d sage, und Phen tht ature is

; ae Geetha 6a, ahyiae pe af the tape pod Pareand ot @ hilh tov gue

gtrordunt dapeqsod, Yoyne vary tty,

Aev id 22, sau

Menyrse Raton «& Sarin,

Te Aoeadway, Maw Yor: TH by.

Daar Strat -

I enolone herewith noties from the Repartrent State Noard of Asxoxsora, Trenton, Me Tee recouding retum ewhish ia to

be mace on or hofares he ‘Mth day of May naxt molative to aefnaiva

pf the Paton Phonosvaph Go, - To dbna anckowe & Letter fim Mesure.

Parmly, Shendorf & Pink, of Jeeney M4gy, who ttalt with thia rates

Last veure Turing 419 year Lak the Fal ann Phonayrant: So. omned

a phonngrayh faetory at Mooi ieka, Me 3., which laser on Noa

turned owor to the Rdfoon Phonograph YWorege 1 at not ‘cloarly 397 apon Wht yInd WA Cas ut the pragint tina aogerite tha Ff ant

Pronsetep ie foe mb a rca ier inj, Co, Perogpa thera is sem ati

way by whieh We Qu avoid faration?

‘foutn: geaaly,.-°

dpvit 4a, lasy.


Hre Chase O. Klein, Map'e,,

The Fdieon United Mf. Company,

tera Yay ity.

Dery Sirte In reply ta your letter of 8th dnutant, To wilh tone ‘up the tructng of Rockefaller's pinunds and avat it over tw yon arn ee iine tomday o * T have a bill apabmit vour Cnemany whieh To will forward wary shortly, 29r the preparation of threat plana. They ware made by

Mr, Smirok at a ttn when hin salary wae noting fald oy thie Lahore.

tory. The b8l1 annunts to atone §4n,00,

Youra tly,

April 23, 89

My Penv Insult,-

Masor Tinton writen Mr. Fad con, tinder auth Sth

instant, referring te the Lnteer's ngrocaént sith Mee Lipp inant’

met to ortng mit Ag Bhs Gtidiend ag Tomtinwr gor pix mepkr ay thes tae tle gapirad an the: Sth inhunt, wna fay as Mr» Teton inw eott 16 gonaerned Ghana tawethdiagy epaynit our sonmen of ne seit

TOW s Yours ney fe


Gene) Indl, Mage,

19 Doy Ste, New Yorks

: | |

April 12, Gol. Yeorin Be Gouraud, Little Menlo, Upper Norwood,

Surrey, Fnglande

My Doar Sirs~ The pxsmosition vhich you mike in your letter of 26th ulte, in regurd to the exhibition of tha phonogsaph in Parts,

hag inarked a period beyond m:teh To aamot go without expressing +0

you very fully the inpression which you have irade upon my mind, and

upon the mind of the public at large, by the course you hove pur- sued and are continuing in your ‘Syuuknoss relations with mpalte Had I yielded ts my inclinations I would long ajo have race this matter the aubject of Kh conmunicntion to you, but the hope ak? you would eveitually reali2n the impropriety of your methods and - Doviaae then without interferencd on ny part hag obused ro to Tan trvin hithorto from discussing the question narennallys this Letter is the evdaence of my disappeintmont. I feel that in jus- tiad to nyaelf and my interests 1 can ‘na longer maintain a pranivre

reaiataned - for while I have not befora commented very frebly

tion your agtiana, I have sald enough to gonvey to yeu something.



Gol.s liy Ke Q, Sone

more than gf aypyreation of my raal opinion,

Thre. rar opinion is well founded and my §udyment sound ia Provan very glemely by tha resulta which your policy has brought Lorthe ore avery quarter, direatly and indirectly, ‘by letter ani rersonally from travellers returned from ieee: se homme 40

me exprescdanys of popular opinion ar to the way thea phonograph is

handled in Furope, and all alike condemn a system which takes the

/ . instrtont out of the realm of cormorse to make it an adjunet to

an advertisin, echome which hes ‘at one equal in contemporary his-

tory « a rofermen which my anblegran of Bth Anstant whl) nice: quite alenr,

From 3a purely business standpoint, and apart entirely from any pergonal feelings which I may have, your policy is soenptibie of the gravest critiaisme t an parfeatly familiar with and ap- prestative of the hmofiozal resvlth ta te darived from advertising but there ian limit to thia ag to every thing: else - a time wien it iy wok] to crop the sensational and deal with tho practical side of minthane and this’period you renahad ‘and passed long age, und the publie whick, for awhile, Iistened raspect fal ly 4o all that. wan to be nad about the phonogriph, is asmming now a very aif

ferent uttitude = an attitude expressive more of artigamont as to

personal motives than of interest in a practical and soienti fie

novel tye

Cols 4d. qr, qa, whe

Under aover of axed ting pithlie interert In the phonograph you have adopted a plan vindoh retards thea pro;yréass of real suoinnss ani KeopR the inatriment afore people us a cwtlosity with which they may make thowselvoa foitiiar for a Slight eonsiteration, and 80 long an this praliminary system qontiniae to pay, is appears to

be your intention to mirtain ite Nothing of the kind was contem= |

‘plated by re when I conaanted to yow handling the busines se 1 ae bellevad that von wule pursues semiine Yisinega wathods and nevor dreamed th. you wanld side-track the whole enterprise for the purtpors of gaining time to indelyge in sorien of wisayine side~ show which ao for more harm to your real interests than can ewer be aompenantad for by tha tomporary. pain witan they ENBUPGe

lL do not now rafer to any ona particular affort whi ch you have rude = some of your plans have barn excellent, othars Jat the opposite - and it ie the ‘latter whiah roawit in rendaring migatory all os your batter and higher endoavora und pro anea a general oftmat that savora-too me% of the atyle of sntorprise poouliar to a certain eluus of phranologi sa and ventriloquist se You have simply let voor desire to make qiigx monty ren awoy with your patter jJudguwnte .

Your, prope sition in regard to the Porin Pxposition ta a 2tep

ton frre lt aannot. bo that you aro so blind vo all amno of prow,

prisby as %o he wndble to 8e9s tho position in which I would Ho

plagan ware yon $n have darriad aut your inten tion in thin

Ooi, a, Ky. g, ; wan

connection, Dt er were midentiv @ito propared to snarl cles nt

ortunity wan afforded yo of mating a Little roany

80 long AS an opr

Your suryention in ePahle of no other explanation,

and it, ta of dust avoh inconsiderate at

ton dn youre relations with me that 1 aompladine

I simply wish to aay in aonalusion that whon I pave you porn

riasion to unn ny name in Farape, in aaineetion whth the intro. ;

“Metion of thr Phonograph, the pormtaston “ng bounded by Limita

of rrason and Propriety urd vonvayad no Liconse to take nda ob

uneall ed for Linartion with it, My associatog agting In my nay

mist understand

that my perdonility fan ftuetor damandiny Lespeds |

and consideration mand thut there ara no sonda of ony natnre whatate

ever at rong emugh to pint me to a tusinesg relationship fron whieh

these elemmta have hoon eliminated,

Yours traly,.

April 12, 89.

Near Mian Stilwoll,-

“4eh roferangs to your letter af Sth inet.,: I nog to inform yo that Mre dian has no objection to the upper

part of tha office boing used for the purpose mentionad.

Yours vary truly,

ET es Pe th ft :

at yan 0 “sop Me er


Private Racretarye



Hien Pagenie l, Stilwell, Menlo Park, Ned.

Avy 41 12, 8De,

Frongia Ry Upton, Faqe,

The Fdiaon hanp Oorpany,

Narriuon, We Te

Dear Birt- |

I have your letter of Lith instant, and am very jslad of the opportunity of pertsing sho correspondence with Mr. Rial ton upon she mubject of a new engagomonts FE dink Riontton Se a

man of superior Inteliigenes, and he aertainiy hea a wonderful

amotwint of onoTcye

Yours very truly,

Priyatoa Sacratarye



Seorgn Fe Gouraud, Mittle Menlo, Upper Norwaos,

Surrey, Pnglande


/ Pxtract {rom your Inttar under date Maroh 29, Lao:

"Ao it is dosiranln to have the phonograph oxhibited in “oliraumaétancon of abnolute quiet, and with every gone

““"vantoner and aoumfort, I om of opinion that the noise of

*your oe would rm wary projudieial to it in this rrent ate In this Mre Hammior agreans with me, and I pur- ope peovialig for this = and indeed have already taker “steps to that ond ~ by either finding a oreoting some “auitable place at a disteren from the general Pxhibitione "This of emurse will ontatl further heavy expenses, Fhish

pp ato ne enero be Aa 32 onarseof aimisaion to. (drole 34 and gorplimentary tiekets ean mm ise

*suod to the nobility and othe: paolo of importanga, who emay desire to soe it more Sip voughlye ZI quite under. "atind that ym shall not partisipate in the expense of "shia part of the axhibition, for whieh I tuke the risk ‘myaclt, mduanyprotits, if there sioh, which I do not *antieipate will be the conse, when all thingn are considerad. *

I quote te. ow your eablagran in pena? ta my meanaye, pro~

testing apainat the above proposition’

*Protont neaaless; no such sna yone?

You's trnily,

Avidh Ww, Lshihe

Lobave ugecphad, or genalc af yourself and

“rg fein, ue tavitationa ia soneetion with the Jentenn ial

bows Trirat ton of Gaara YWaciirgten, and DT opree

és gaotdioned on She enalonad card whi do hera in 4a,

rrauta tialy,- Shy, f

April 15, bese

Mre %e 8 Mallory, 23 “ont Randolph, Strent,

Shigayo, Wire

Doar Siri- 2 vag to oemfirm the felling *nlegram samt yon Leh

Bother shut cow for a month #o We can axper iuient. ra

Ship two harrels grmide ore and two barrels crushed

ore, just as in the hoppare. Express twonty-five

pounds of Lattor immedintely end few samples origi- mul ora, Todas Raison hie


Yours +nly,

. LO he”

ieee oe

. Yat wth 1669

Ie Eciam Snachwe boku

Sohune Tidy) har Ge

Dewv dew

R he 4 adv ede that, .

Sroute on” vung oti. which have beans

float & yon enedch, pO Poop ~ A

0 348 clabd, Aft as. 1049 Sous Snethey