Lordís Day 25 Themes and Divisions


T. Van Raalte


The slain Lamb is alive so he must be in the centre of your faith


He is:


1.      Proclaimed by the gospel

2.      Portrayed in the sacraments

3.      Provided by the Holy Spirit


G. Van Popta


The Holy Spirit uses the Word and sacraments to focus our faith on the sacrifice of Christ


1.      His use of the Word

2.      His use of the sacraments


C. Stam


The confession that faith is not a work of our own, but Godís mighty work of grace in us


1.      How faith is formed

2.      How faith is fortified

3.      How faith is focused


E. Kampen


The sacraments are tools of the Holy Spirit by which he strengthens faith


1.      What sacraments are

2.      What sacraments do


J. Beeke


The relationship of faith to the means of grace


1.      The origin of faith: it is worked by the Holy Ghost

2.      The strengthening of faith: it is strengthened by the Word and sacraments

3.      The foundation of faith: the sacrifice of Christ


K. Wieske


Faith is through hearing, and hearing is through the Word of God


1.      Where does faith come from?

2.      How is faith produced?

3.      How is faith strengthened?


K. Dijk


The Spirit of God works through the means of grace


1.      Through the Word

2.      Through the sacraments


The Spirit enters through the gates


1.      Of the ear

2.      Of the eye


The Spirit of God strengthens our faith


1.      Why does he strengthen it?

2.      How does he strengthen it?


J. Kok


The majesty of the LORD in the working and strengthening of faith


1.      His pleasure in the giving of faith

2.      His mercy in the strengthening of faith

3.      His love in pointing to Christís sacrifice

4.      His wisdom in the institution of the two sacraments


The planting and growth of faith


1.      From Christ, through the Holy Spirit

2.      Through the Gospel and the sacraments

3.      In the heart, directed to his sacrifice.


B. Holwerda


The Holy Spirit, as he works in our hearts through the means of grace


1.      The Word in its precedence over the sacraments

2.      The Word in its confirmation through the sacraments

3.      The Word in its unity with the sacraments